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Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
colleague said. and to also create mechanisms where they would be local arbitration and mediation because that has been done in syria for, i mean, if not thousands come at least hundreds of years. they deal with this and perhaps more positive ways than we imagine, only when we think about legal solutions. and in reality, what has been happening when we see the deception from the syrians are generally welcoming and i think there's almost an unspoken kind of discourse that's happening, where people are really encouraged and that generally already brings them to the side of human rights, to the side of the people into the site of the revolution. of course the situation is somewhat sensitive to directly offer amnesty, given the incredible level of violation, but they're many of us who feel we need to do this in order to help undermine the regime and really break through its ranks. thank you. >> my name is angie and i am a student here in the u.s. in the middle of the revolution i started becoming afraid of what's going to happen is area, especially when the regime started using, but when i co
Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, federal and local level. senator dodd said we do as a country believe children are our most important resource. but the bottom line is we don't do it. we don't invest in our case. despite the fact many political leaders say kids are the most important resource, we don't miss the country put our money where our mouth is and that's national tragedy and a national shame that we're hoping that this report will highlight some areas we should be investing our dollars that should not just be bobbing our heads at all the adults come to say kids are most important resources in and do nothing about it. we have been playing that game for too long. one of the guys who does not play that game on capitol hill is senator casey. senator dodd talked about his great work on the health committee. the uncle often talked about the great work that senator casey was engaged in. he's been one of the stalwart advocates for the children's health insurance program. it's been a strong, strong support of the 21st century fund program that supports efforts like say the children's work in rural america all across t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2